Clarion NX316AU – Built-in navigation with voice guidance

Introducing a new addition to Clarion’s product line up - a multimedia navigation unit with a unique user interface across a 6.2” resistive touch screen. Its split screen layout allows quick and easy access to various features, without compromising the driver’s safety.
Support for a wide variety of audio formats and video devices makes this a great choice for your in car entertainment solution.

The NX316AU features a built-in navigation system with simple destination input method, turn by turn voice prompts and options to save your favourite points of interest. Drive with confidence, knowing that you’ll get to your destination safely and quickly

The NX316AU’s features and functions are arranged in the home screen for quicker access with just the tap of a finger

Built-in bluetooth provides wireless, hands free communication between the source unit and compatible mobile phones.
Make calls with a simple voice command for a totally handsfree calling experience. Preset your steering wheel control to activate Voice Dial with the NX316AU's programmable steering wheel control feature.
Stream music across your device directly to the NX316AU to enjoy your favourite tunes in your car.
The NX316AU supports playback of MP3, WMA and AAC format audio files, as well as Xvid encoded video files stored on your portable storage devices. Plug in your USB media or even your smartphone for a more enjoyable drive. The source unit can also send video to an external rear seat entertainment device.

You can create your own custom entertainment on your home PC using video files recorded from a camcorder or smartphone, then burn it to DVD-R disc for playback in your car. The source unit supports playback of DVD and CD from including home-burned MPEG DVDs and MP3/WMA/AAC CDs in addition to store-bought titles.
Make your drive more fun in your own unique way.

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